Food safety: Safim as a lecturer


Great enthusiasm and satisfaction from the boys and the girls of the III C of the “Gobetti” Institute of None after their recent visit to the SAFIM platform, where they learned an important lesson.

What is the ‘cold chain’ and what are the main rules to be followed in terms of food safety? What is SAFIM and what do they do?

Many were the questions of the students, and as many were our answers. Thanks to the participation of ASL TO5 (the Local Health Authority Service), we have been able to play an important educational role which we are particularly proud of, in a project that we are absolutely determined to carry on.

The students were donated several gadgets, including a SAFIM thermic bag to make children aware of maintaining the cold chain from the moment of purchase of the product until it reaches the home fridge.

School children visiting Safim

School children visiting Safim

Food dafety pentalogue

Food safety pentalogue